How much paste do I use?

To make a meal for 4 people, use two to three tablespoons of paste.


How many meals will one jar make?

Basically, one jar will make 12 adult serves - for example, three meals for 4 people.


How spicy are they?

Our pastes range from very mild (butter chicken) to upper medium heat (green curry). Each jar has a heat rating to assist you in choosing the right paste for your comfort level.


Do the pastes contain artificial ingredients?

No way! No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives have been added. Also definitely no MSG!


Are they gluten free?

Yes! All of our products are gluten free.


Are they dairy free?

Yes! All of our products are dairy free.


Are any of the curry pastes nut free?

Our Red Curry Paste and our Chiang Mai Paste have no added nuts or nut oils.


Are any of the pastes suitable for Vegans?

Our Coriander and Almond Paste and our Butter Chicken Paste contain no animal products at all. Simply adapt the traditional recipes on the jar to prepare your curry with Coconut milk rather than cream for a delicious vegan curry.


How long will it last once opened?

Once opened, please store your curry paste in the fridge. We recommend consuming paste within 6 months after opening.