Red Curry Paste


Life's Good Red Curry Paste is made in the Thai style and is designed to bring you fresh authentic flavours while being amazingly simple to prepare. Red Curry Paste is a great all rounder which suits all kinds of meats including red meats, pork, seafood and chicken. It is particularly great with sweet potato.

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Size *
300.00 Grams
Heat Rating:
Great with:
All vegetables, meats and seafood
Good to know:
Gluten free, Dairy free, Nut free, Vegan friendly option available
Allergen info:
Plant Based Pastes contain no allergens. Regular pastes contain crustacea & fish sauce
Suggested Recipes:
Thai Red Curry
Penang Lamb Shanks Curry
Red Curry Pumpkin Soup

10 Reviews

Graham Dryburgh 28th Mar 2020

My Absolute go to Curry Paste

I have been using this curry paste some time now and it’s my absolute go to curry paste.
The hot, sour and sweet flavours are perfectly balanced.
No matter what I cook with this paste, the results are always fantastic.

Holly Kluver-Jones 1st Nov 2019

Still the best curry paste you can buy!

Another order of curry paste and it’s tasty, full of flavour and amazing! I love it

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