Chiang Mai Paste

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Life's Good Chiang Mai Paste brings you flavours reminiscent of the bustling city of Chiang Mai and itÂ's surrounds. The sweet aroma of this paste will fill your kitchen and make your mouth water in anticipation. Influenced by the Chinese and Burmese, this yellow curry style paste is especially lovely with potatoes and chicken.

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Size *
300.00 Grams
Heat Rating:
Mild to Medium
Great with:
Potato & Pumpkin, Poultry, Pork & Seafood
Good to know:
Gluten free, Dairy free, Nut free, Vegan friendly option available
Allergen info:
Plant Based Pastes contain no allergens. Regular pastes contain crustacea & fish sauce
Suggested Recipes:
Chiang Mai BBQ Skewers
Chiang Mai Pork and Ginger Curry
Chiang Mai Prawn Wonton

8 Reviews

Patrice 17th May 2020

Chiang Mai Paste

We made a chicken curry using this paste and it was so delicious. In fact it was so good that when I needed to replenish my pantry I bought 2, one for home and one for the caravan, as I can't possibly leave home without it. It is such a fantastic paste for both chicken and seafood. Now I need to buy one for my daughter!

Scott Chassagne 6th Nov 2019

Perfect Starting Place

We made a beautiful fish curry with this paste and it made all the difference. It is a beautiful paste to start any dish and made the dish rich and full of flavour. We can't wait to use it again and keep creating dishes.

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