Sam in the kitchen!! Green chicken curry video recipe!

Green Chicken Curry Video Recipe  

For such a long time Sam and I have been talking about making recipe videos.  Sam is such an organised cook and I love being in the kitchen at home with him, prepping ingredients and then watching him put it all together so that it all hits the table in perfect timing.... a skill I have yet to master.  Many of our lovely market customers ask how we put together our curries and even joke (well maybe not joking...) about having Sam come home with them and cook dinner in their homes.  Now you can all have Sam at home in your kitchen with you via video as he guides you through step by step making many of our favourite family meals.  Our videography and editing my be slightly bumpy to begin with but over time I am sure we will get better at it.  We have launched our first video, Sam in the kitchen cooking Green Chicken Curry for my birthday dinner.  Look out over the coming months for more videos.  And please let us know if there are any dishes you would love to see Sam create.

Much love, Alice xx