Curry Loving FAQs - our top ten frequently asked questions all in one place

1. Are your curry pastes GLUTEN FREE?
YES! All of our products are gluten free as well as dairy free.
2. Are any of your pastes suitable for Vegans?
YES! All of our 7 curry pastes are available in either a traditional range (with fish sauce & shrimp paste) or in a 100% plant based range.
Our Sam's Chilli Jam is also 100% plant based.
3. How much do I need to use to make a curry?
To make a meal for 4 adults you will only need 2 or 3 tablespoons of our pastes. Based on this you'll get 3 or 4 meals from one jar.
4. Can I use them for anything else?
YES! Our pastes are fantastic for basting, marinating, stir frying, and so many other exciting uses. Check out our website for recipe ideas.
5. What should I do with Sam's Chilli Jam?
Basically, use it on EVERYTHING! Spread it on a sandwich or wrap, serve it with eggs, with roasted vegetables, into a stir fry, in a toastie, your whole life will be better with Sam's Chilli Jam!
6. Which one is the hottest?
The Chilli Hero Sambal is our little fire cracker. Designed to add to anything and everything that you'd like to add chilli flavour and heat to. In the curry paste range the hotter paste is the Green Curry which sits at around upper medium heat heading towards hot.
7. How long do they last?
Our range of pastes are made using fresh ingredients with no artificial preservatives or additives. Upon manufacturing, our pastes have a best before date of six months. This date is simply a guide and the pastes are at their optimum best once opened and stored in the fridge. The opened pastes will actually keep much longer than this in the fridge. This is not an expiry date. Over the 18 years we have been manufacturing our pastes we have had feedback from many hundreds of customers that they have used pastes one year to 18 months beyond the best before date with excellent results. Making fresh all natural pastes free from any artificial preservatives is something we pride ourselves on and an attribute valued by our loyal return customers. The price we pay for this is a much shorter shelf life than you will find the supermarket pastes will have, however it is a compromise we are very happy to make to deliver such full flavoured natural pastes.
8. Where is it made?
We are based in Caloundra on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Our commercial kitchen is located in Kawana and it maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness and safety.
9. How did you get into making curry pastes?
Many years of travelling together fostered a deep love of eating! Thai food is one of our favourite cuisines because of the incredible fresh ingredients and flavour combinations. When we returned to settle in Australia we were craving the amazingness of fresh pastes so started to experiment and Life's good Curry Pastes was born!
10. Where else can I buy these?
Saturday Kawana Farmers Market Sportsmans Pde Kawana
Sunday Noosa Farmers Market Weyba Rd Noosa
Urban Espresso Minchinton St Caloundra
Maple & Sage Bulcock St Caloundra
Itzy's IGA XPress Main Street Buderim
Mooloolah Meats Bray Rd Mooloolah Valley
Decadence Gifts & Homewares Eclipse St Springsure