All new Plant Based curry paste range.

We have had a very busy 12 months with exciting business and personal growth going on behind the scenes of Life's Good Curry Paste.  A big unexpected revolution has been that Sam and I have transitioned to a plant based diet.  It was unexpected because we have both been enthusiastic meat eaters in the past and never planned on removing animal products from our diets.  We won't bore you with the story but fast forward to now and we are feeling amazing and healthy and happy.  We had been about 99% plant based because we could not give up eating our beloved curry pastes!!  The seeds of a idea to produce a range of alternative plant based curry pastes were sown many years ago by our growing vegan customer base but the decision to go ahead and start production was definitely fast tracked by our own desire to create amazing 100% plant based meals for ourselves too!  So here we are!  Production and launch day was Wednesday 8th April 2020.  Originally we had planned a huge market launch with samples and excitement however covid19 has meant our launch and excitement is coming to you via the cyber world.  I hope you can feel how amazingly excited we are through the interweb!  We  are truly so happy to share this with you all.  It feels like a natural growth in our business and our lives.  Much love to you all xx Alice and Sam xx