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Life's Good Curry Pastes Sam Caines
Life's Good Curry Pastes Alice Caines

Much of Sam’s early life was spent poring over the fresh catch at fish markets to supply his parent’s seafood restaurant. Family life was filled with the exciting mayhem that a restaurant and busy catering company entails. It is no surprise that Sam is so passionate about food & travel.

A background in five star hotel events management led Sam from Brisbane to Cairns and back again – meeting Alice along the way. Since joining forces Sam and Alice have worked together as an events co-ordination/management team and as a restaurant management team.

During the latter venture, they were proud to be part of being awarded The Australian Tourism Awards ‘Best Restaurant in Queensland’ and ‘Best Restaurant in Australia’ several years running, culminating in induction into the Australian Tourism Hall of Fame.

Life’s Good Curry Pastes was born from a shared passion for fresh authentic flavours, which Sam and Alice grew to crave after many months of travel throughout South East Asia, the Indian Subcontinent and Europe. The team are still as excited about Life’s Good Curry Pastes today as they were on day one. Maintaining a balance between paste production, market stalls and enjoying precious time with their growing busy crazy children is what they strive for in their lives today.

Life’s Good products begin with the freshest authentic ingredients which are lovingly processed to produce our pastes, relish, sambal & chilli jam. They have been tested by the Department of Primary Industries for shelf stability so you can be assured of the utmost quality.

They are designed to be amazingly easy to prepare and use whether you follow one of the suggested recipes or be adventurous and experiment with them in cooking. Please enjoy Life's Good Curry Pastes range of delicious products and share their zeal for delicious food and fresh flavours with family and great friends… Life’s Good.

Making the world a tastier place one jar of curry paste at a time.